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 Our purpose and mission is to provide high quality, high integrity, experienced, and affordable bookkeeping, and tax services to our customers. Our core focus is being a God centered business in the  Kingdom of God and the local and regional communities.

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Expert Assistance Tax Season and Beyond

Everyone deserves peace of mind when filing their tax return. That's why we're offering our $1 Million Tax Audit Defense™ to both our individual 1040 clients and our business return clients (including partnerships, S-Corp, and S-Corp returns). When you use our services, you can rest easy knowing your tax return is accurate. Even if the IRS sends you a tax notice or conducts an audit, we have tax resolution experts who will help you until the issue is resolved. Trust us to take care of your tax filing needs and experience the difference.


Westerville, OH

Ph: 614-642-8266 ext. 100

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